04.09.2017- Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology Jaipur, conducted a seminar on AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning for students. Mr. piyush Kapoor (Data Analyst, NCR Corporation) and Mrs. Pragati Kapoor(Founder, Pajaykeps Analytics) shared their experience about how the era of information has evolved from personal computer to smart phone applications – the key innovation and technologies behind it. The session continued with the impact of artificial intelligence & machine learning and why it is going to be the next big thing in coming years. Moreover what are the steps involved in the process and what technologies are involved to develop an artificial intelligence system was part of the discussion. The seminar concluded with tons of queries from student side. The young minds of RIET Jaipur appreciated the session as they found it very useful for their upcoming professional and research endeavour.

Here are few glimpse from the Seminar ?