15.12.2017- Faculty Development Program’ 2017

Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology was indeed fortunate to host a Faculty Development Program on “Student Development and Enhancement of the Young Learners”, especially those who enter college after many years of school education. The Guest of Honor for  FDP was Mr. Desh Deepak Johari .
Mr. Johari is an engineer from JMI in ME. He is a gold medalist with honors (2006-2008) batch. He also has a glorious academic background apart from this. He has 13 years of industrial experience in production, quality control, R&D, and costing at various industries dealing in precision assemblies and sheet metal fabrication.
The felicitation was done by Principal, RIET,Dr. Saroj Hiranwal, with a memento. The FDP was graced by Prof. Kapil Dev Sharma, Dean Academics & Admin, RIET, Prof. Sachin Sharma, Vice Principal, RIET, along with all the respective HODs & Faculty members who participated in the event.
The FDP was based and focused on student’s development of all angles and further on their basic development and placements.
Mr Johari said that the main problem regarding internships and placements is Skills. People think they deserve money and a job just because they have a degree in engineering. Everybody knows this is not possible. Studying one night before the exam and clearing it doesn’t make an engineer. How can one expect a company to pay him for the internship or to hire him for a job when he is not even putting anything extra regarding in skills? One should have enough skills required for the job profile. Just having a mere degree in engineering doesn’t entitle the scholar for paid internships or placements. This is the main problem with engineering colleges.
The students’ complete school and now they have to be freshly trained for any job. So during campus one has to have no other expectation but some basic intelligence and willingness to learn. It’d have saved a lot of effort if they could develop skills relevant to industry in final year of college itself.
To develop further he said that students need counseling, this is essential as they are just out of school. Engage their attention through activities and not lap tops, they need sports and games. The parents too need counseling and as well as information regarding the development of their wards.
A great percentage of students remain uninterested in class, pulling them up is highly essential. Students look for shortcuts, but that is definitely hazardous for the scholars. We need to wind up the syllabus as we need to revise and make the students aware of the exams and see that they secure good marks, but the communication skills need a lot of improvement at this stage this was suggested by a faculty. Mr Johari suggested that students should have English and skill development classes up to 3rd year in all engineering colleges.
He also said that training and motivation is very important for these new learners. Make them attentive by making them write. Reading writing and speaking skills should run simultaneously.
He suggested they should attend seminars and workshops.
The FDP ended with a note of thanks and gratitude. Principal, RIET,Dr. Saroj Hiranwal, said that we look forward to many such FDPs as these are very useful and helpful for the faculties.
Prof. Kapil Dev Sharma, Dean Academics & Admin, RIET, also appreciated Mr Johari and said that definitely the inputs are great.
Prof. Sachin Sharma, Vice Principal, RIET, said that the intellectuals of RIET have definitely attended a wonderful programme. We would like to have some more of such sessions.

Here is the glimpse for the program 🙂