Students Activity Centre, affectionately called SAC!,Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur’s is novel initiative to harbor and harness talent, leadership skills, management skills, organizational skills of the students and utilize it for the all-round development of every individual within its being.

SAC has a mission to bring CHANGES. It makes people view their dreams in a broader way and to improvise on them simultaneously.SAC is solely for the young talent to exhibit and implement their ideas. Sac is all about you work and sac will deliver. SAC holds your hand throughout the journey of your dreams. It not only provides you with activities and platform, it also makes you win it and add a meaning to your efforts and dreams. SAC is not an organization its an open forum inviting everyone. Here your dreams and ideas will never go waste.SAC promises to extract out the best in you. Last but not the least as the motto says ‘to feel the change be a part of it”.

Blood Donation Camp 23.01.2017  Udyam View Report
Republic Day Celebration 26.01.2017  iGniTia View Report
Basant Panchami Celebration 01.02.2017  iGniTia View Report
Special Lecture on “Warm Mix Asphalt: Asphalt Mix isn’t always Hot” 14.02.2017  iGniTia View Report
Leadership, the important aspect of ones personality 27.02.2016  iGniTia View Report
Career awareness programme 27.02.2016  iGniTia View Report
ESPORTES MMXVI 23.02.2016  Sports View Report
Corporate Summit 2016 21.02.2016  iGniTia View Report
ETEMSD 2016 20.02.2016  iGniTia View Report
Spic Macay-Sarod Tabla Vadan 20.01.2016  iGniTia View Report
Student Success Workshop 11.01.2016  iGniTia View Report
Workshop on German Language 11.01.2016  iGniTia View Report
Short Term Course On OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY 04.01.2016  iGniTia View Report