Workshop on German Language

Workshop on German language was held on 11.01.16 at the RIET campus. The programme started with the lamp lightening and paying obeisance to the almighty for His blessings. Dy Director RIET, Dr.Pawan Whig, welcomed the guests and addressed the gathering with his welcome speech and briefed about the importance of communication and foreign languages in our career and day to day life.

The programme was conducted by German language teacher and translator Mr Shivam Seem, who spoke about the importance of foreign language and especially German language.

The programme was attended by all the faculty members and all the students of III year of all branches. The workshop proved to be very useful and informative for all.

The vote of thanks was extended by Mr Sourav Sharma, from the TPO dept, he said that programmes like these were eye-openers for all students and faulty members, and we do look forward to many such occasions of information and interaction.