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REAP Code: 25
CAM:1025  RMCAAP:225   RMAT:278

Placement Drive @ RIET

RIET Jaipur announces successful completion of an exemplary campus recruitment session which took place on 10.10.17. The institute invited leading companies which offered coveted profiles to the students. On this occasion Brilltechno Pvt Ltd from Jaipur, visited the campus for the same.

The Placement drive took place on 10.10.17 of the company BRILLTECHNO Pvt Ltd.  The students from MCA and CSE branches were involved.

The placement drive had three rounds which were

  1. Written test,
  2. Technical P I,
  3. H R round of P I

RIET takes students as they are and makes them industry ready employable youth and launches them on the path of career growth and success.

S.No Student Name Course Branch
1 Paresh B.Tech CSE
2 Kaushiki singh B.Tech CSE
3 Ankita Arya B.Tech CSE
4 Rahul B.Tech CSE
5 Priyesh MCA  –
6 Amrita MCA  –
7 Alok Shankar MCA  –
8 Budaniya Rajaram MCA  –
9 Avinash Saini MCA  –

The placement drive ended on a great note with immense help extended by the Campus Recruitment Training & Placement Cell.

Here are the clicks from the drive