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Kr. Bhim Singh Chairman, RIET, Jaipur

I am privileged to convey my best wishes to all of you on behalf of RIET.

It is a known fact that education, business, profession, and in fact, everything is now changing at a fast pace globally. We need to be at the right place at right time to keep up with the latest developments. Hence arises the need to impart high quality education with a strong foundation.

In the year 2000, we envisaged and established Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET), under Chandrawati Education Society, as a institution that would offer world-class education to students who would in turn create an indelible impact on society.

Furthermore, as we all know, technological developments bring considerable improvements in the quality of life. In the age of globalization, role of sustainable technological development is very crucial for the progress & well beings of a nation. We, at RIET, are thus committed to create young, dynamic Engineers and Entrepreneurs.

We also understand that the primary role of education is to equip students with the technical knowledge and confidence for the transformation of society. We strongly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise in discipline and standard of teaching. We aim towards making our students to become not only successful individuals in a vibrant and dynamic environment but also better human beings. Thus creating industry-ready professionals while upholding our values and ethics.

Prof. Anoop Singh Poonia Chairman (Acting), RIET Campus, Jaipur

Chairman (Acting), RIET - 25 Years of Excellence in Education Sector | Electronics & Communication Engineer

Welcome to RIET - a graduate college whose significance is to boost students to accomplish their desires and ambitions. We are combined with students to model tailored educational policies that meet their specific aspirations. Our academic offerings include the custom-built knowledge environment with an exquisite arrangement of flexibility and endless mentoring. Likewise, we assimilate practical know-how with robust integrity and governance competencies to churn out the best.

We are in an era of instant transformation through rising talents and proficiency in various sectors beyond the sphere. Every corner of this globe is having exclusive prospects to arrange leaders in various specialties, who not only develop the expertise of specialized vocations but who are similarly prone to shielding the ecosystem and prosperity of natural reserves and retaining parity. RIET is devoted to forming world-class leaders who make a distinction to humanity.

Our vision is to be a graduate college of International eminence for developing industry-ready professionally proficient talent adding values to nation-building. Our scholastic courses organize students well to address new challenges over clearer integrity and entrepreneurship mechanisms.

Whether you’re a student, parent, or a curious individual, we welcome you to visit our campus to corroborate the world-class resources and brilliant teaching-learning ambiance we are extending. Our zeal sees no constraints and our commitment to bring education at modern pinnacles is truly compelling.

RIET encourages aspirations, awakens wonder, motivates actions, and identifies the vision for tomorrow.

Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Hiranwal Principal, RIET Campus, Jaipur

Principal, RIET – 14 Years of Scholastic Excellency | Holding PhD in Computing Science |Life time Member of Indian Society for Technical Education

Thank you for contemplating RIET to build/expand your stunning professional outlook.

RIET envisages itself as an institution of international eminence, which nurtures the advancement of professionally proficient genius and adds values to the nation-building.

RIET presents the comprehensive choices of diplomas, graduate and doctoral programs. I am assured that we will be the best choice in your findings for a unique career-oriented course that meets your prospects and improves you to prepare for tomorrow. RIET apprises you with expertise in your chosen disciplines. Above and beyond delivering you an unparalleled theoretical understanding, our curricula also assist you in achieving hands-on capability across utilitarian preparation and seminars.

At RIET, we consider the complete and comprehensive advancement of adolescent brains. We believe that you will worth the time that you devote to our world-class campus. I am sure you will be a precious add-on to the emerging legends of RIET. The RIET family looks ahead to greet you on board.