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Online Resources

Today availability of e resources in a college library is very common. But their proper and maximum use is most important.

In the past two decades, technical education has made tremendous growth, providing quality education In India. Computers and related electronic resources have come to play a central role in teaching. Electronic information sources are becoming more and more important and useful for the academic community.

The Learning Resource Center (The Central Library) of RIET has fully equipped infrastructure with all modern facilities established in a sprawling area. It consists of more than 29300 Volumes with a large number of National and International titles. At present, the library is subscribing to more than 155 reputed national and international journals in the field of Engineering and Management. Online journals like IEEE, ACM, AMSC, SPRINGER and ASME are available in the library.

The library operations are fully automated by using user friendly software. The library hosts an appreciable volume of CD-ROM database, audio-visual material, online video lectures & tutorials, and access to e-journals.

The Central Library also hosts the Digital Library Facility throughout the intranet network of the institute with a dedicated digital library with a large number of hi-tech multimedia terminals.

In addition to this, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facilities are also provided to all (students and faculty members) users.

The Library offers book-bank service to its users for the books and periodicals & other reading materials not available in the institute Library by procuring them through DELNET (Developing Library Network).

The central library is also a member of the INDEST-AICTE consortium, through which access to IEEE and ELSEVIER resources is facilitated.

Library also has IEEE, NIMBUS, GREENR online subscription.

A large number of NPTEL video lectures prepared by well-known educationists, are hosted over the Digital Library network available for viewing and download throughout the campus.

The ERP mission is used to Implement, maintain, improve, and support the institution’s integrated information systems

Following services and online resources are available in RIET.

  • Access to IEEE e-resources
  • DELNET resource sharing facility
  • NPTEL Video Lectures
  • CD-ROM Database
  • Open Access Resources
  • University papers
  • Faculty publications
  • Access to ELSEVIER e- resources