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REAP Code: 1025
CAM:1025  RMCAAP:225   RMAT:278

Learning Resource Centre

A fully computerized, air-conditioned library with a rich collection of books & periodicals cater to the needs of students and faculty. Online journals like IEEE, ACM, AMSC, SPRINGER and ASME are also available in the library. The college library is part of DELNET (Developing Library Network), an initiative by the Government of India to promote resource sharing by creating a network of libraries. The book bank facilities, previous years question papers, faculty notes, E-notes, CDs, DVDs etc are provided to students.


A) Infrastructure: Library building and other facilities play a major role in the good library. There are approx 6000 sq ft area for reading and stacking area in the library having good quality furniture and fixtures. It situated in the center of the RIET and easy approach of all the departments and students. Libraries are soul of any institution and for the batter environment of reading a good infrastructure and facilities are required. The growth of the library kept an increasing and therefore the asset like Elmira, book self, computers were increased accordingly. The re-oriented of arrangement and addition of separate reading room were included in the library. This reading area is well furnished and air conditioned to provide the proper reading environment to the student. It provides reading space for 100 readers at a time. The library was also facilitated with e-journal. The volumes of Books, Journals and Magazines increased to the large size needing addition fixtures. The addition of bookshelves, journals demanded re-orientation again. The academic strength of various departments also increased and new courses are added in the institute. Hence library re-oriented accordingly.

B) Library Books:The RIET Library is a world-class collection of digital and printed resources on all areas of engineering and technology. We specialize in Management, Electrical, Electronic & Communication, Mechanical engineering, Computing and IT, Civil. Our collection contains 29300 printed books and 155 Journals and Magazines on these subjects.Books are the true friend of the any student and play a role like a weapon in his or her life. Without books students are like an army without arms. RIET library is a rich library having good collection of technical Books, Magazines and Journals & well stocked library with thousands of standard books on development issues. The yearly purchase record is given below.

C) Printed Magazine and Journals: Magazines and Journals also play a major role in the technical libraries. The Journals provide latest information, recent trends and recent developments in technical and other fields. RIET library subscribes many technical Magazines and Journals.