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Bird Feeder Installation (29.2.2020)

Date : 23 Jul 2024 | Category : Event

Rajasthan Institute Of Engineering and technology, Jaipur NSS UNIT I & II participated in Bird feeder installation on 29.2.2020. This initiative was taken to preserve the feathered beings of this earth from severe heat and hunger. The programme took place in the college campus at 1.30 pm on this day. The bird feeders and earthen water pots were hung from the trees. Water and bird food was put in the feeders.

The Feeders were hung in quiet, less disturbed areas to attract more feathered friends. Also these were hung at a good height so they may not be disturbed by predators. A bird feeder gives you the opportunity to observe the wonders of nature, taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it clean and full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. The environment becomes joyful and pleasant.

The event was enjoyed by all present. The event was coordinated by Mr. Dinesh swami, NSS program officer and Ms. Neha sharma, Ms. Stuti, Ms nistha Jha and all NSS volunteers.