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Expert Talk on Business Empowerment & Start-ups By Shri. Anil Kumar Gupta

Date : 23 Jul 2024 | Category : News

An Expert Talk on “Business Empowerment & Start-ups” was organized at Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Bhankrota, Jaipur, on 18 Feb 2020. This expert talk was delivered by Shri Anil Kumar Gupta, who is a renowened expert and motivator for aspirants of Technology based startups. The expert talk also includes discussion related to Management concerns, and related aspects of Business Empowerment.
Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta is an Independent Business Empowerment Coach nicknamed Anil Guru who supports ventures from Envisioning to Empowerment, Instruct and Inspire founders through sharing Insights, Intellect, Information and Ideas. He is an Electronics Instrumentation Engineer, Software Professional & Author.
The core attribute which defines Mr. Gupta are ‘Ideapreneur’, a Strategy Guru, a Start up Mentor, Business Modeling Expert, Idea to Product Transformer, and a Technology Authority. He has played crucial role in many country level implementations in almost all the gulf countries.
He has been supportive to apex technical and management colleges (IITs and IIMs) through their EDC, Corporates, and Startups. He spoke at length about various start ups and how he has provided 10X growth to Startups & Small entrepreneur along with mid-size companies too. He shared his experience about dozens of ventures that have been benefited through his start-up mentoring, product commercialization and growth strategies. He motivated all the students and spoke about how to empower Startup ventures which will boost entrepreneurship, economic growth and employment across the nation. He added that ideas, talent and capabilities of the young technocrats should not remain untapped – if this happens the country loses out on wealth, creation, economic growth and employment.
On the onset of the session the speaker of the day was greeted by student coordinators of MBA, MCA and B.Tech. Ms Sonam Ghenghat, of MBA (1st year) and Ms Neha Rai of CSE final year welcomed the expert. The talk was attended by students of MBA and MCA along with B.Tech third year and final year.
The session proved to be highly beneficial to all the students and faculty members.