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F.D.P By Dr Mohammed Iliyas

Date : 14 Aug 2019 | Category : Event

The Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology conducted an international level FDP programme on 13.8.19. The main speaker on this occasion was Dr MOHAMMED ILIYAS, from Riyadh, (KSA), who is internationally renowned educationist.

DrIliyas is currently working with Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Riyadh, (KSA) in the Department of English. He is a much-admired person and is M.A PhD; PGCTE; MBA; PGDMM; Dip T & D; MA Distance Education; Entrepreneurship etc. He has written more than 25 research articles.

In the FDP DrIliyas spoke at length about the importance of NAAC and NBA accreditation in the colleges and educational institutions. He also spoke about the CO & PO Mapping for NAAC and NBA accreditations and the various accreditation policies. He spoke thus in reference to Washington American accord.

He mentioned that such accreditations are essential for international level education and also related to education in the foreign universities.

The FDP was an interactive one. Many faculties put up questions regarding the same. Dr Iliyas gave detailed explanations to all queries.

The session ended with an educative and knowledgeable note.

DR Iliyas was thanked for the FDP and RIET definitely looks forward to many such occasions.