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Motivational Speech and Seminar on Opportunity after Engineering

Date : 9 May 2019 | Category : Event

Motivational Speech And Seminar On Opportunity After Engineering BY
Mr Akhand Swaroop Pandit 
The Man Who Cleared Every Government Exams

Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology organized a motivational speech and seminar on OPPORTUNITY AFTER ENGINEERING by Mr Akhand Swaroop Pandit “The Man Who Cleared Every Government Exams”. The seminar was initiated by Principal, RIET Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Hiranwal, Vice Principal (RIET), Dr Sachin Sharma, Dean Academics, Prof Kapil Dev Sharma, T&P Advisor Prof D D Johri, all HODs, faculty members and students.

The speaker on this occasion was Mr Akhand Swaroop who previously worked as an IES officer. After leaving his government job, he started The Catalyst Group, an Education Management company. He mentors aspirants of Civil Engineering, IES, GATE and many more government examinations. Mr Akhand has studied B Tech in the regional government engineering college of Uttar Pradesh. He did his M Tech from IIT Delhi and did LLB while working. Along with clearing IES UPSC exam, Akhand cleared several other government exams with top ranks. These exams include GATE rank 6, NET rank 3, MPPSC rank 4, HPPSC rank 3, UPHDB rank 1, SSC rank 1, and MUMBAI METRO rank 1.

The catalyst group is a platform for students to get proper coaching for all the necessary government exams. It offers low-cost education so that it is easier for everyone to access. A problem solver for many Mr Akhand solves more than 300 queries of students every day. Mr Akhand while giving the government exams saw many other students struggling. Their struggle was an eye-opener for Akhand as he decided to leave the civil engineering job and start to help these students.

The self-made man, Akhand is a very cordial and jolly person. Rising to the fame of “the man who cleared every government exam”, Mr Akhand has seen hardships, toil, labor, happiness, frustration, loneliness and success.

Welcoming the guest Principal, RIET Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Hiranwal, said that A thinker, a motivator, a seeker, Mr Akhand has always been learning something new. The path of learning and spreading knowledge has given him the position he is in today. With many students and aspirants of government exams looking at him as a messiah, Mr Akhand has managed to help more than 50,000 students till date. RIET is proud to have him here on this occasion.

Prof Kapil Dev Sharma, Dean Academics, in his speech, urged the students to always explore new possibilities. Learning is the process and overcoming hardships is the success. To be what you want, you need to shower yourself with patience and zeal to achieve it. The journey to the destination is always a beautiful one. If Mr Akhand could do what he sought for, everyone else can. It only takes your dedication to reach your goals. Mr Akhand’s success story has been a motivation for many till date. If only dreams were to be dreamt, humans would have never grown. His success has reached the ears of every Indian student. Mr Akhand has captured his dreams of being who he wanted to be.

In his inspiring speech Mr Akhand said that one cannot just dream of a goal and achieve it. To attain the goal, it is a series of process. He spoke of how smart work and hard work matters and when to apply them. He inspired students to know that it is not the bigger goal that they have to pursue but the smaller goals that they have to set every day and achieve, to reach the end goal.  He also said that there is only one mantra for success that one should study smartly; if we will study smartly then with little hard work we can attain heights. Smart study refers to the study after proper analysis of exam, its syllabus and its previous year papers. One should know what is not important for exams, so that the study becomes a quality one rather than quantity. He inspired the budding technocrats by saying that one must Respect, Money, and Power all these things have their own importance. Don’t run for any one of these else you will be nowhere. The greatest satisfaction is where you get equal distribution of these with an extra percentage of happiness.

The session ended with a note of inspiration, knowledge and understanding.