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National Voter’s Day

Date : 1 Feb 2019 | Category : Event

Voting is our right, but it is also our responsibility because if we don’t take the next step and elect leaders who are committed to building a better future for our kids, our rights – our rights to clean air , clean water , health and prosperity are placed directly in harm’s way. ———– Tom Steyer

Name of event: national voter’s day

Date of event: 25th’January’2019

Location: Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur

The significance of national voter’s day is to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process and to choose the suitable representatives.

Heading to this motto the members of Rajasthan Institute of Engineering And Technology congregation decided to make aware their students about the importance of voting on the auspicious day that is 25th’January’19 the national voter’s day.

The institute organized several activities like ->

  • Debate competition
  • Quiz competition
  • Drawing competition
  • Mock poll

The faculty of our organization took pledge which stated the citizens of India, having abiding faith on the democracy will uphold the democratic traditions. The dignity of gratuitous, courteous and peaceful elections will be continued. And nobody will be influenced by considerations of religion, race, caste, community.

The students also contributed with zest for choosing representative for their Mother India by drawing posters, or compelling their views about the major issues in the country and also by sieving their knowledge on the Indian history and civics.

I feel proud in the lap of mother of might.

Jai Hind