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REAP Code: 25
CAM:1025  RMCAAP:225   RMAT:278

Department Of Computer Science & Engineering

PEOs & POs


PEO ­1: To provide strong foundation in mathematical, science, engineering that helps to formulate,solve and analyze computer science and engineering problems and also prepares them for IT industries , research and higher learning.

PEO ­2: To prepare students capable of designing and developing real world computing applications with high societal influence and impact.

PEO ­3: To instill ethical, social & professional responsibilities of their work and engage in life ­long learning.

PEO 4: To inculcates communication skill, teamwork skill and management skill that generates entrepreneurship or leadership qualities.


PO1: Ability to apply the fundamental principles of mathematics, science and engineering.

PO2: Ability to Identify, analyze, and formulate complex real world engineering problems in the domain of computer science and engineering and related fields.

PO3: Ability to apply algorithmic principles and programming ability in the development of software systems.

PO4: Ability to Design and conduct experiments and interpreting the data of experimental results to reach valid conclusions.

PO5: Ability to apply emerging technologies with the use of modern tools & techniques.

PO6: Ability to communicate and present ideas effectively in verbal and written through seminar, project, paper presentation etc.

PO7: Ability to Work effectively as an individual as well as a member / leader in a team to reach a common goal.

PO8: Ability to understand professional and ethical and social responsibilities and acting accordingly in all situations.

PO9: Ability to consider the impact of engineering solutions on environment and the need for sustainable development.

PO10: Ability to apply knowledge and understanding of principles of management in relation with engineering projects.

PO11: Ability to provide self ­improvement through continuous professional development and in dependent and life ­long learning in the context of technological changes.