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Department Of Civil Engineering


Studying CIVIL engineering is the dream of every second aspirant due to a number of reasons – growth, job opportunities, salary range and continuous industry growth. Here we bring to you in-depth information on career opportunities and growth in CIVIL ENGINEERING PROJECT.

CIVIL Engineering – An Introduction

One of the broad engineering fields, CIVIL Engineering involves the construction of buildings construction of bridge, design of structure.

Courses Available:

Candidates who want to make career in CIVIL Engineering can undertake the following courses. To get a job in this field, you should at least have bachelor’s degree.

  • B.Tech./ B. E. CIVIL Engineering.

Job Opportunities:
To be appointed by a top company, a candidate needs to have a minimum of B.E/ B. Tech degree in CIVIL Engineering. These engineers can be appointed as

  • Site Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Project Engineer.

Required Skill Set to Get Hired Faster:

  • Mathematical
  • Technical
  • English
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal Skill

These professionals may work in nearly every industry such as commercial, industrial, military or scientific companies. Job opportunities are available in both construction and Consultancy companies. One may also enter into research and development.

Candidates have ample opportunities in this field. CIVIL Engineering specialists can work in both private and public firms. A degree in this field develops candidate’s construction and design skills, which makes you compatible for even consultancy companies.