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Master Of Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is 4 semesters 2-year full time AICTE approved programme designed with the objective of developing the student into highly adapt professional managers, capable of working in diverse sector.

The other uniqueness of this programme is that students may select any two subjects for dual specialization like finance, Marketing, HRM, IT and others from amongst the large number of electives and innovative subjects available in the course.

Human resource

A human resource management master’s degree equips the students with the necessary tools to enter an HR career in a variety of business settings. Programs typically include a comprehensive overview and detailed study of human resources principles and practices, business and technology training and communication courses which will prepare them to take on HR leadership positions across industries.

Information Technology

MBA Major in information technology is known as MBA in IT. The basic nature of the course is to integrate the growing demand of information technology with business management. If we go by the definition, Information technology refers to the use of computer based tools. This technology consists of all computers, communications and electronics related organizations plus hardware, software and services. Today, information technology has become a global business.


This course is designed to provide students with a systematic approach for making marketing decisions and to give students practice in the analysis, design, implementation, and control of marketing strategies. It is an operationally oriented course in which the application of marketing concepts, principles, strategies and methods is emphasized. This course is intended to serve students who anticipate careers as brand managers and as marketing managers.


MBA in Finance programs typically provide foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy and marketing. Students often choose a specialization during the second half of these 2-year programs. MBA in Finance offers benefits to working professionals in a variety of industries, including commercial and corporate banking, investment services and real estate.


The curriculum of the MBA program is rest on two pillars. Firstly, it provides a strong analytical foundation of key fictional areas and second one is providing a stream of specialization, thereby allowing students to customize the academic experience according to their aptitude.

In the very first year, the students are introduced to various tools, techniques and models of the business arena. The focus is on exposure and training of diverse discipline of the management, so that a strong foundation of business activities and management can be developed.

At the end of the first year, students went through 60 days of summer internship, which allows them to explore practical application of the management concepts.

In the second year, the students decide upon the various specialization subjects including Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Information Technology, based upon the first years learning, summer internship and their own interest of subjects.

After these two years of academic program which is armed with practical exposure of the business world, students are ready to face the competitive and diverse world of business.

Fundamentals of Management Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior Cost Accounting for Management
Business Mathematics & Statistics Financial Management
Managerial Economics Marketing Management
Accounting For Management Operations and Supply Management
IT for Managers Business Environment
Communication for Management Research Methods in Management
Information and Communication Techniques Lab New Enterprise and Innovation Management (NE&IM)
Business Communication Lab Operations Research
Computer Applications Lab Seminar on Contemporary Issues
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Integrated Marketing Communication Training & Organizational Development System Analysis and Design
International Financial Management Retail Management Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic Management of Information Technology
Management of Financial Services Sales Distribution and Logistics Management Leadership Skills & Change Management Data Base Management
Corporate Taxation Product & Brand Management Human Resource Planning Client Server Application Management
Financial Derivatives Business to Business marketing Compensation Management Management Support System
Banking & Insurance Strategic Marketing Recruitment and Selection E-Business
Treasury and Credit Risk Management Managing Corporate Relations Personality Development and business Etiquette Security and Cyber Law
            – Consumer Behavior & Market Research Human Resource Development Enterprise Resource Planning
            – Marketing of Services Employment Laws Multi-Media management
            – International marketing management Performance Management & Retention Strategies             –
            – Rural Marketing Stress Management             –
            – Direct marketing International Human Resource Management             –
            – Internet Marketing Development of Management             –
            – Customer Relationship Management Transactional Analysis             –
            – Marketing of Innovation Management of Conflict and Collaboration             –