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Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering

HOD Desk

Electronics is the foundation of Information and Computer Age. The giant strides that we have made in the areas of communications and computers are possible only because of the great successes that we have achieved in the field of Electronics. It is sometimes unbelievable, how many electronic gadgets we are carrying these days with us like Digital Wrist Watch, Calculator, Cell-Phone and Digital Diary etc. Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, understands the importance of preparing engineering students in this competitive world. To enhance student’s conceptual theoretical and practical understanding the ECE Department focuses on the following objectives:

  • To provide the students with a flexible platform in the laboratories that scales from software to hardware.
  • To provide students with a completely interactive environment.
  • Guidance and counseling of the students right from the beginning.
  • Offering soft skills training to the students with an aim to improve their personality in all aspects.
  • Conducting regular Seminars, Works-shops and Lectures by evident experts from various renowned institutes

Latest Teaching and Learning techniques are adopted to train ECE students at RIET. Wishing the ECE students of RIET successful and serve the country for economic growth and making the country technologically strong.

I ardently admire the Faculty and supportive staff who have worked in an exemplary team spirit to enable the Department to grow from strength to strength and hope they will continue with the same zeal in future too.