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Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Digital Electronics lab

The Digital Electronics Lab is to impart extensive knowledge on basic gates, flip flops, different combinational and sequential circuits.

In this laboratory students gain practical knowledge in various basics digital elements which is generally used in area such as Signal Processing, Image Processing, Control System etc.

Digital Electronics Laboratory is fully equipped with the required instruments such as C.R.O., Multimeters, signal Generator etc. to conduct experiments with digital ICs for UG students. The details of the various instruments are as TTL/CMOS compatible logic level input, TTL or CMOS logic selectable by a toggle switch, Logic HIGH and logic LOW displayed by dual colour LED, Four crystal generated clock output of 1MHz,100 Hz,10 Hz and 1 Hz Logic probe to check logic LOW, logic HIGH or pulse, Four 7-segment display with BCD inputs, Facility of segment control on two displays

Electronics Devices & Circuits Lab

Electronics Devices & Circuits Lab is the primary Laboratory of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Students learn experimentally the basics of electronic circuits & devices. Students are trained on analysis of passive, active elements and to find the characteristics of various amplifiers, oscillators under different configurations.

In EDC lab all the device characteristics are studied. In circuit’s lab, the basic circuits for amplifiers and oscillator are designed, fabricated and tested.

The lab is equipped with Electronic workbenches, oscillators Kit, Single & double stage amplifier and applications of Transistor and diode family.

The lab has function generators with various ranges of frequencies, regulated power supplies and trainer kits to enable students to perform all experiments in analog and digital electronics.

Analog Electronics Circuit Lab

This lab deals with analog circuits like rectifiers, clippers-clampers, amplifiers, oscillators etc using discrete components.

It is the fundamental lab wherein students can learn design and debugging of circuits.

The lab is equipped with Electronic Analog circuits, DSO, Function generator, CRO.

Electronics Engineering Design Lab

It is obligatory for an Electronics and Communication Engineer to have practical experience in the linear and non-linear applications of Op-Amps, sequential and combinational circuits using Digital ICs.

This Laboratory is equipped with advanced IC trainer kits, Op – amp trainer kits to expose the students to the design and analyze linear and digital circuits.

Microwave Lab

The microwave laboratory is used to provide the necessary support for training the students in the area of Microwave Engineering.

The lab is equipped with all the latest components in microwave including X band Microwave benches, Antennas, Klystron Power Supply, Gunn Oscillator, PIN Modulator, Isolator, Attenuator, Frequency Meter etc.

Upon completion of this lab course, the students will be able to get knowledge in microwave devices and can analyze the multiport RF networks and microwave signals.

Signal Processing Lab

Signal processing lab caters to the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Electronics and Communication engineering.

They offer students powerful techniques and tools to apply, synthesize, design, simulate and implement state-of-the-art solutions to modern engineering problems.

Experimental activities cover fundamental concepts of digital signal processing such as sampling and aliasing, quantization, digital filter design and implementation.

This Lab includes the implementation of signal processing concepts (convolution, DFT, Sampling, Filters [FIR, IIR] etc…) using MATLAB software. The above concepts and Real Time Experiments are also implemented using DSP processor (TMS320C67XX) through Code Composer Studio. There are also ADC/DAC and Image processing related cards.

The lab provides hands-on experience in a way that integrates theory, software, hardware and applications.

The lab is equipped with DSP trainer kits- TMS320C50 Based DSP Starter trainer kit, MATLAB Software with all major toolboxes.

Communication Lab

Communication Laboratory is dedicated to modern communication systems for enlightening the student’s knowledge in-depth for the field of communication.

This laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signals.

This lab is sophisticated with several trainer kits like amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation and various digital communication techniques.

This lab allows the students to understand various waveform coding schemes, base band transmission scheme, bandpass signaling schemes and error control coding schemes.

The lab is equipped with computing facilities which is used to expose the students to apply probability and random process theory to communication systems.

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

The Microprocessor and Microcontroller is significant role in the field of Engineering and embedded world.

Microprocessor lab is well equipped with 8085, 8086 microprocessor kits, 8051 microcontroller kit along with their peripheral devices like 8255,8259,8253,8251.

Interfacing of peripheral modules like ADC, DAC, stepper motor and traffic controller are performed to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors.

In this lab course the students will come out with good ideas in writing ALP Programs in Microprocessors and Microcontroller.

Optical Communication Lab

Optical networks are rapidly emerging due to the enormous bandwidth provided by the optical medium. Keeping in pace with the rapid development in technology, courses like Optical fiber and Computer Communication are being taught to the students.

The Optical Communication laboratory is setup to complement the topics studied in the Optical Communication theory course.

The students perform experiments to study the characteristics of optical sources (LED & LD) and optical detectors (LD & APD) and optical fibers. Fault detection in a fiber link is studied using the OTDR module. A FSO module enables study of Transmission of optical signal in free space.

The lab is equipped with Optical Fiber Trainer Kits, Optical Source (LED & LD), Optical detector (PD & APD), Power Meter, OTDR Building Block, Video link with Transmitter, Glass & Plastic Fiber, Connecterization and Splicing kits, Single Mode Fiber Characteristics Study Setup, add on to existing OFS.

Wireless Communication lab

This laboratory has been set up to provide in depth knowledge to the students in the area of wireless communication.

The purpose of this lab aims at providing students the knowledge about the Satellite communication, Radar communication, Communication simulation, Circuit simulation, antenna design, GSM and GPS.

The lab is equipped with RF signal generators with different modulations, Vector Network Analyzer System, Spectrum Analyzer, GPS kit which demonstrates wireless communication principles in lab.

Project & Research Lab

The Project & Research Lab has been setup to design and develop innovative technology and devices for the betterment of mankind.

This Lab has provided a platform for students and research assistants to implement research based projects of real life.

The main aim and objective of this lab is to inculcate high level R & D activity in students and faculty to think, Analyze, design, test and implement basic idea.

The outcome of the project has resulted in publications in various journals and conference proceedings (both at national and international level).

Electronic Workshop

This workshop is designed to keep the students update and familiar with the basics of Electronics, Digital Electronics and Linear Integrated Circuits.

The purpose of this lab is to give the basic knowledge of essential electronic components, devices, equipments of Electronics Engineering aspects.

This lab lays the foundation stone for a student which is a pre requisite for gaining basic knowledge in electronics & communication.

This workshop is equipped with all major equipments like Function Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, power supplies and soldering stations, bread board, multimeters etc. This lab also facilitates designing and manufacturing of prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB), to assemble and test electronic circuits.

RF Simulation & Fabrication Lab

RF Simulation & Fabrication Lab is established to design and simulate RF and Microwave circuits and antennas, and then fabricate, measure, and evaluate their prototype using modern advanced laboratory instruments, which are similar to instruments presently being used by engineers in industry.

Students use ADS (Advanced Design System) or HFSS (High Frequency Structural Simulator) to simulate, verify, and optimize their design.

RF Simulation & Fabrication Lab is equipped with two software’s: 1. Ansys HFSS, finite element based software for simulating RF and microwave circuits and systems. 2. Coventor Ware software for analyzing the mechanical, thermal, and electrostatic behavior and actuation of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

The lab is currently engaged in designing and analyzing RF MEMS based switches, filters and phase shifters, which will be used to enhance wireless communication.

Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Lab is established to provide students the practical, elementary as well as comprehensive knowledge about instrumentation. Our students are being introduced to the world of measurements & Instrumentation.

In this lab they will be doing experiments with different types of Measuring instruments, bridges, sensors, transducers for measurement of displacement, temperature etc.

This Lab is equipped with 20 MHz dual channel CRO, 1MHz Signal generator, triple regulated DC power supply, nearly 17 different types of experimental kits based on transducers (RTD, LVDT, strain gauge, pressure gauge), AC bridges (Maxwell, Shearing, Hays), A/D converter (counter comparator type, successive approximation type), D/A converter (R-2R ladder), instrumentation amplifier, rap signal generator (Miller Sweep and Bootstrap Sweep generator), ROM and RAM Kit.

Industrial Electronic Lab

Industrial Electronics Lab is geared towards the design, modelling and testing of electronic devices. The lab allows a detailed study of the theory and operation of the most modern form of industrial electronic equipments & power electronic devices SCR, MOSFETS, FETS etc.

This lab focuses on electrical power engineering. It provides practical understanding of electronics in laboratory.

It is equipped with modern type of electronic equipments for a wide variety of industrial uses. In this lab, basic characteristics and working of various semiconductor power devices like Power Diodes, DIAC, SCR, TRIAC, Power Transistor, MOSFETs, IGBT, and GTO is done.