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Department Of Information Technology

HOD Desk

At Information Technology department there is a strong relation between the students, faculty, and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences, understanding industry needs and providing the required support to the corporate world. It is a place where ideas germinate and get converted into solution architectures to serve both, the academic institutions as well as industry. Self reliable and capable young professionals born out of the college have succeeded in proving their worth to the outside world and the alumni bear a testimony of this stature of the college. IT department stands faithful to the vision of its founders it seeks students and faculty who take seriously their commitment to their community and their world, who are aware, active and involved. The aim of the IT department is committed to making a profound and lasting contribution to society; our department recognizes no more exalted role than that of educated citizens with a powerful sense of fairness, a profound belief in democratic ideals and a willingness to celebrate talent of many kinds.

IT Dept. has particularly strong links with professionals in the IT industry and the course offered have a strong professional orientation CSE department conducts path breaking and innovative research in various spheres. This research has been facilitated by various Centers of Excellence and support of the faculty, through published books, articles and research papers on various topics. Our research program is also supported by high-tech laboratories which act as ideal training platform for budding professionals that allow students to experiment and gain practical knowledge.

Our Department is one of the leading departments in this campus providing highly technology-oriented programmes to meet today's needs of young minds, helping them to take any problem related to Computer Science, a field in which kaleidoscopic changes are occurring incessantly opening new avenues, unraveling new vistas and extending the horizons of knowledge with every passing day.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology has always made its presence felt in the educational arena through its accomplishments. In the rating by reputed magazines like Career 360, DCE ranks high among all the private engineering institutions in the country. The college has witnessed record breaking placements and outperformed many other top colleges.

Dr. Sachin Sharma
Head of Department