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REAP Code: 1025
CAM:1025  RMCAAP:225   RMAT:278

Department Of Information Technology

PEOs & POs


PEO­ 1: To provide strong foundation in mathematical, science, engineering that helps to formulate,solve and analyze computer science and engineering problems and also prepares them for IT industries , research and higher learning.

PEO­ 2: To prepare students capable of designing and developing real ­world computing applications with high societal influence and impact.

PEO ­3: To instill ethical, social & professional responsibilities of their work and engage in life­long learning.

PEO ­4: To inculcates communication skill, teamwork skill and management skill that generates entrepreneurship or leadership qualities.


PO 1: Apply the knowledge of basic sciences and fundamental engineering concepts in solving engineering problems.

PO 2: Identify and define engineering problems, conduct experiments and investigate to analyze and interpret data to arrive at substantial conclusions.

PO 3: Propose appropriate solutions for engineering problems complying with functional constraints such as economic, environmental, societal, ethical, safety and sustainability.

PO 4: Perform investigations, design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions.

PO 5: Select/develop and apply appropriate techniques and IT tools for the design & analysis of the systems.

PO 6: Give reasoning and assess societal, health, legal and cultural issues with competency in professional engineering practice.