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Department Of Applied Science

HOD Desk

The Applied Sciences Department is the Pioneer Department of the Institute. It has a team of highly qualified, dedicated and competent faculty members. All Laboratories are well equipped to cater to the needs of I Year B. Tech. students. The number of students grew in leaps and bounds year after year, after its existence of more than one decade. It has been creating technical leaders in the field of technology since 2000. It provides the platform to the students to meet the challenges of Engineering by inculcating discipline and life skills. It cultivates scientific temper among student fraternity by inspiring and keeping them acquainted with recent trends in the field of Science, Technology and Research. It has established Under Graduate Research Wing in which interested, motivated and innovative students do their projects. Faculty members also participate in workshops, seminars and to do their research work and paper publications in referred journals. We focus on certain parameters for enhancing the technical skills of our students. The methodology we adopt for this purpose is constituted under following points:

It is a very good concept by which we govern the activities of our students. In this, a faculty member is assigned a group of students to be their batch counselor. This faculty holds complete responsibility of that particular batch. The responsibilities included are to guide them, help, give advice, suggest and solve their problems in all their academics and other activities. The faculty plays the role of a parent, teacher and friend to help the batch students achieve their desired goals
We increase the attendance of the students in classes by checking their attendance of each period. We maintain the attendance centrally and check the differences and find out those students who were presents in only limited periods. Then trace them and call their parents so that it can be never repeated in future.
We are very keen to uplift the academic performances of the students in RTU examinations. It is the concept of unit test that we have adopted. After the completion of each unit of each subject we centrally conduct a unit test of that particular unit and evaluate them properly within stipulated time and inform the parents regarding marks and performance of the student. We organize remedial classes for those students whose performance is not satisfactory in the test. We organize the remedial classes for those students whose performance is not satisfactory in the test.
It is the concept of the college that the model test papers will be given to the students for the assignment so that they can be familiar with the pattern and standard of RTU exams.
Basic Science Projects have been assigned to all students in group and individually also. These projects are based on their curriculum so that they will be benefited by doing them.

Dr. Sonika Sharma
Head of Department