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REAP Code: 1025
CAM:1025  RMCAAP:225   RMAT:278

Department Of Applied Science



The engineering chemistry lab is neatly designed, spacious, ventilated with store room for safe keeping of explosive and corrosive chemicals and well equipped with various instruments like red wood viscometer, pensky martin apparatus, muffle furnace, bomb calorimeter etc. All experiments prescribed by RTU have been planned in such a manner that each student can perform single experiment independently. This lab develops the awareness in the students for environmental and technological implications of chemistry and develops skills in scientific investigations.


To help students nurture communication skills, to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercise, the department has a fully functional state-of –the –art communication techniques lab. The lab caters to the development of communication and soft skills of the students ensuring the growth, grooming in the minds of learners. The communication techniques lab is very useful for aessing student’s speech. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The lab state-of –the –art digital language lab uses Grammar Fundamental, English Techniques and Phonology lab plus software solution for teaching and learning in computer classroom. The lab is designed to operate in a Lan environment with 32 Dell 4 nodes and a dedicated multimedia server. The communication lab has a power backup and internet facility. The communication Techniques Lab in general offers the following: Text, images, audio and video can easily be integrated: teachers can alter materials to fit their requirements Learners can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and store the results. Teachers can intervene and control the learner’s computers via the teacher’s console, track of learner’s work, etc. Common components in Communication Techniques Lab: Teacher has a computer with appropriate software for conducting language exercises Teacher and students wear headsets that block outside sounds and disturbances. Students have a recorder for listening to audio and recording speech Teacher and student’s positions are connected via LAN (Local area network).


The department of Physics is set up to cater to the academic requirements of B.Tech I & II semester students. The Department of Physics defines its mission in the context of academic excellence, scientific rigor, and scientific integrity. The department has a spacious, well-equipped and fully ventilated laboratory with sufficient instruments and apparatus to meet the requirements of the syllabus. Physics lab is divided into two segments – one is the dark room which is related with experiments of optics and the second one is general lab for electronics and electrical experiments. The experiments are designed in such a manner so that students can understand the concept and working principle of those experiments, the faculty members motivates students to learn the concepts with hands on exposure. The laboratory is assisted by an experienced faculty and lab assistant.