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REAP Code: 1025
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“At RIET we nurture inquisitive, ambitious, and unique prospects of graduates,”

The changing paradigms are indispensable for an academic institute to foster unique specialists – individuals provided with the proper education, vocational knowhow, and market visioning competence. The industry expectations have reached higher and those sustain, who have the proper approach & techniques to undertake challenges and reinforce the achievement ladder each day.

 RIET places exclusive priority on inculcating corporate values and competences recommended for complex decision-making, besides developing enhanced ability on functional domains and garnering business ability. We make sure that every student pursues the perfect skill & domain knowledge under the guidance of qualified industry and academic professionals. Activities and workshops at RIET empower graduates to be effective team managers and team members.

If you look to being the best rising talent, RIET is one of the best alternatives that can match your expectations.


Dr. Monika Shekhawat

Head- Training & Placement