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In order to build an attitude of continued learning and innovation in students and to make them well versed with communication skills, RIET has a comprehensive Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) program.

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) Programme is a live solution to prepare students for one of the most crucial parts of their lives PLACEMENTS!


Our Campus Recruitment Training Program is designed to aid the students to meet today Global Corporate needs. To provide complete solution to increase the competency of the students in the real market with confidence and enthusiasm & Inspiring their lives and bestowing them to realize their career dreams.

Need of Campus Recruitment Training

Today, many organizations seem to offer a good salary package and a better work profile. This has only intensified the competition amongst candidates. It, then, becomes very important for a candidate to display excellent professional skills be it in terms of interpersonal skills or in terms of mathematical skills, analytical skills or technical skills. So, even good students need to fine-tune their knowledge base and enhance their overall speed and accuracy. This can be done through regular practice and under expert guidance.

Now a days, many top corporate houses are giving a lot of importance to Campus recruitment. During recruitment process, a company employs various selection tools to ensure that it hires right person for the right job. This quest to attain the right fit between a person and a job has magnified the importance of Campus Recruitment Training.


The three primary ways that human beings learn are (VAK):

  • Visual Learning through seeing /visuals
  • Auditory- Learning through listening
  • Kinesthetic- Learning primarily through experiencing

Training & Placement Program

The Training and Placement Cell conduct activities through CRT programme like Group Discussions,Mock Interviews,and Aptitude test etc to enhance and develop the skills of the students. In order to bridge the gap between the Industry requirement and the skills possessed by the students, apart from the courses and in-house training,experts from the various fields of engineering and management are invited to enable the students to know and understand the requirements of industries and accordingly prepare themselves for the future